So you watched “What the Health” and now you want to make some changes to your diet but you’re thinking …what  do I eat?

Going vegan and plant based is a lot easier than you think. I know you’re worried about where you’re going to get your protein but the reality is that when you are eating a really well balanced diet you will more than likely be fine.

The food is often not the hard part. The hard part is normally feeling confident enough in your own decisions to not be swayed by what other people are thinking and saying about the way you are choosing to live your life. Coming from a person that is EXTREMELY empathetic (my husband used to bring home food that would literally make me sick but I would eat it anyway because I wanted to show him that I was thankful for him thinking of me) I understand not wanting to rock the boat or being sensitive to the people in the break room scarfing on bagles and cream cheese.

Reality is that this is about you. You are making a choice for your own body and your own life and you have to take 100% responsibility for that choice. You can’t kinda choose. You have to be all in or all out. That doesn’t mean that your whole world has to come to an end if you happen to eat something with meat or eggs in it just that you feel confident saying “This is the way I eat and it works for me. If it doesn’t work for you I do not need your opinion or advice. This is what I choose for me and my body. I appreciate you caring about me but I refuse to apologize for what makes me feel good both inside and out”.

But… I know you want to know about the food.

Not every meal has to have complete protein. You’ll eat and digest all day long so as long as you are staying away from the junk foods that happen to be vegan and you consume leafy greens, whole grains, vegetables, and fruit you’re going to feel good. Remember that these food s are very low in calories but also high in fiber. Its ok to snack if you feel hungry. Some of my favorite snacks are nuts and seeds, green apples, nut butters, and plant based protein shakes. They are all super portable and can be made and consumed with minimal effort. If you are looking to get a complete protein your best bet is to combine any sort of legume with a whole grain. Heres are some things that I like

  • sprouted grain bread with almond butter
  • rice and beans with salsa on top
  • whole grain pasta with peas
  • hummus with whole wheat pita bread
  • rice cake with honey and pumpkin seeds

I love to start my day with green smoothies, overnight oats, and whole wheat pancakes ( I use flax meal mixed with water or apple sauce to replace the eggs)

Lunch is almost a really hearty salad. Don’t be afraid for it to be really huge. I normally have a dinner with some tofu, veggies and quinoa or a vegan version of one of my favorite comfort foods like sweet potato enchiladas or portabella mushroom tacos.

Hope this gives you some direction. If you want some specific recipes check us out on pinterest at Whole Balanced Meals and you”ll find tons of healthy recipes and hacks to keep you full and healthy.