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Honey Garlic Chicken 

this chicken is grilled and basted with our sweet and tangy sauce made with local wildflower honey and organic garlic

167 cal | fat 4g | carbs 6g | 27 g protein

Balsamic Steak 

tender steak marinated in spices and herbs topped with a sweet balsamic reduction

283 cal | fat 10 g | carbs 2 | 17g protein

Italian Turkey Meatloaf  

This isn’t mama’s meatloaf. We start with tender ground turkey then, fold in Italian spices and herbs and cook your meatloaf to perfection so its never dry and always bursting with flavor

306 cal | fat 16 g | carbs 8g | 33g protein

 Lemon Pepper Salmon    

Wild caught salmon meets fresh cracked black pepper and sweet and tangy organic lemons to remind you that winter can still mean fresh

145 cal | fat 9 g | carbs 1 g | 14 g protein




Garlic Ginger Snap Peas 

spicy ginger and organic garlic meet to make the perfect stir fry sauce for fresh snap peas

64 cal | fat 5 g | carbs 5 g | 2 g protein

Roasted Basil Tomatoes   

sweet baby tomatoes tossed in balsamic vinegar and fresh basil

24 cal | fat 1g | carbs 4 g | 2 g protein

Asparagus and Artichokes   

 the perfect fall duo are tossed with fresh citrus juices and a simple sprinkle of sea salt and fresh cracked pepper    

33 cal | fat 1 g | carbs 8 g | 1 g protein

 Fall Mixed Veggies  

here, you can have it all. This is the perfect mix of all our veggies

70 cal | fat 3 g | carbs 9 g | 2 g protein


Gluten Free Pasta with lemon Olive Oil Sauce    

this simple sauce lets the pasta shine on its own

109 cal | fat 4 g | carbs 19 g | 0 g protein

Forbidden Rice  

dark and mysterious, this black rice will leave your taste buds screaming for more

124 cal | fat 1g | carbs 26 g | 3 g protein

Sweet Potato Mash   

naturally sweet and full of fiber, this mash will keep you full and have your sweet cravings at bay

60 cal | fat 1 g | carbs 12 g | 1 g protein

Cauliflower/Potato Mash   

all the taste of your favorite mashed potatoes but with half the calories because we’ve replaced half of the potato with roasted cauliflower. You’ll never miss the extra calories

100 cal | fat 2 g | carbs 17 g | 5 g protein




All Kids meals are served with fresh fruit and a vegetable

Sweet Potato Mac ‘n’ Cheese 

BBQ Chicken Sticks 

Snack Box

Whole Wheat Pasta with turkey meat sauce 


Red Smoothie Pack

spinach, berries and beets come together to make a healthy and deliciously sweet smoothie that you’ll love on the go. Everything is washed and prepped for you. All you have to to is blend.

141 cal| 5 fat | 35 carbs| 3 protein

Lemon Blueberry Whole Wheat Protein Pancakes

210 cal | 2 fat | 36 carbs | 14 protein

Chicken ‘n’ Waffles

a total classic cleaned up. You’ll get protein packed waffles with grilled honey garlic chicken and a side of pure maple syrup to drizzle on top


Double Chocolate Sprinkle Protein Donut 2-Pack

136 cal| 6 fat | 14 carbs | 10 protein

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