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Banana Berry Coldbuster Smoothie

Its cold season again and we are doing everything in our power to make sure that you get the immune system boost that you need before you come in contact with germs. Much of that immune boosting comes from paying attention to what is happening in the gut. A majority... read more

Pumpkin Spice Smoothie Recipe

I am so excited that it finally feels like fall around here. After the crazy southern California heat wave that we get every September and October it feels really great to trade out tank tops for sweaters and enjoy comforting and warm dishes that make me think of all... read more

What happens after “What the Health”

So you watched “What the Health” and now you want to make some changes to your diet but you’re thinking …what  do I eat? Going vegan and plant based is a lot easier than you think. I know you’re worried about where you’re going to... read more

A Letter to my Fellow Mompreneur

Dear Boss Babe, I see you. I know that you are trying desperately to figure it all out. You know, the balance between those adorable kids, a marriage and your other baby … your business. Nobody else may understand but I do. This business is your brain child. You... read more

How to Motivate Yourself to do Anything

Have you every really wanted something but kinda wished you could just snap your fingers and have it instead of putting in the hard work that you know is required? Yea, me too! Whether its getting your body summer ready, getting started on that new project... read more

5 Ways to Fall Asleep Faster and Sleep Better

I remember back when I used to toss and turn all night long and then slither out of bed after hitting snooze for the millionth time. I thought I had healthy sleeping habits but I still couldn’t get up in the morning without feeling groggy and grumpy. Here’s are 5 tricks I used to start falling asleep faster and sleeping better so I can be the productive morning person that I always wanted to be.

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Healthy and Easy Everything Jambalaya Recipe

It’s Fat Tuesday and I don’t know about you but I’m ready to party. I love any reason to have a good party but I also like to actually enjoy the party instead of hanging out in the kitchen preparing food for my guests. Today, Im making an easy... read more

9 Ways to Beat Bloat

Imagine this… You have a rockstar day at work, the babysitter is scheduled and you finally have the chance to rock that sexy pair of skinny jeans that’ve been hanging in your closet for a night just like tonight. Then, the nightmare happens… instead... read more

Why you Shouldn’t Join a Gym in January

The holidays are filled with joy and cheer. We have parties, families get together, good food and drink are shared and the one present almost everyone gets is an added 4-10 pounds. I once heard someone jokingly say that if you didn’t gain at least 4 pounds... read more

8 Natural Ways to Beat a Cold

Winter has finally has finally hit us (I thought it would never come to Southern California) and with that brings dry weather, more time inside and seasonal colds. I just spent a few days in bed myself battling my winter cold but I’m back in action and ready to... read more

10 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety

Anxiety is like the elephant in the room that we never talk about. You can have the perfect body, the biggest bank account and the seemingly perfect life and still live every day with this nagging feeling that something is not ok. If you haven’t experienced... read more

Blueberry Lemon Blender Waffles

This is a recipe that came about when our pediatrician told us to cut dairy and gluten out of my daughter’s diet. She was getting a ton of skin irritations at the time and it we had had it with all the lotions, creams, oils and witches brew’s that we had... read more

Lemon Ricotta Protein Pancakes

Lemon Ricotta Protein Pancakes   I have one of those picky eaters at home. You know the ones that only eat a handful of things and then turn up their nose at everything else. For some of us it’s our kids but for others it’s our husbands. Here is a recipe that will get... read more

De-Stress the Easy Way

Working with a lot of busy professionals means that I work with a lot of people that have high stress levels. It gets really easy to become consistently stressed out when your to-do list seems to go on forever…. and a break is nowhere near… and if you had... read more

What Exactly is Clean Eating?

What the Heck is Clean Eating Anyway? That’s the first thing I asked myself when the whole craze came out. I remember thinking that they could have called it a number of other more creative things like; the don’t eat bullshit diet eat real freakin’... read more

The Art of Saying NO

Saying no can be a really intimidating thing to do. It can sometimes mean letting someone down or feeling weak. It can bring up feelings of inadequacy or doubt and make you feel down right guilty. I have always been a kindhearted and sensitive person. Even when I was... read more

12 creative ways to use Thanksgiving Leftovers

So….. if you’re anything like me you way overbought for your thanksgiving feast and now have an abundance of random things like pumpkin puree, cranberry sauce and of course, turkey. Here are 12 different ideas to keep you from eating turkey sandwiches... read more


This weekend Boo Boo Girl and I went with her playgroup to a local strawberry farm and had so much fun. I thought a one and a half year old might be a bit bored by the activity but its getting to be summer soon and fresh strawberries sounded pretty good to me. Boo Boo... read more


Welcome Everyone! At Whole Balanced Meals we strive to promote health through healthy eating, exercise, fulfilling relationships, a great work environment, and inner spirituality. Health can mean something different for so many people. There are a million diet books... read more