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Whole Balanced Meals is an integrative practice that lives to serve the hard working woman by creating a healthy and balanced life. We offer strong, determined and ambitious but exhausted women an opportunity to save time and have peace of mind that dinner is done. Our meals create balance between work and family, science projects and last minute bake sales to keep you feeling fresh and healthy without overwhelm so that you can best serve your clients, community and family and live to your full potential and vibrance. 

You deserve to have confidence and stand in your own strength as the strong woman that you are and we’re here to give you the tools to feel good about not only your body and the way your clothes fit but also give you the energy to be the high power woman that you want to be. To have overflowing energy so that you can kick around a soccer ball after work and have a passionate romance with your partner. We strive to give you the down time that you deserve so you can recharge and revive your spirit after a long day. W offer create and customize options as well as pre set meal options so there is something for everyone. 

We get that a huge part of feeling good about yourself has to do with the food you eat. We are here to teach you how to make amazing food that tastes great and is healthy but we’re also here to catch your back when you have a busy week. We all have those days where we come home after overextending ourselves and its nice to know that there is a meal ready to just be heated and served that’s healthy and nourishing. 

“Best food I’ve had since I started eating healthy”

“I have so much more energy than I did before”

“Who’s excited about this week’s new menu? This guy”

Our Mission

It is our mission to guide, support and inspire hard working and strong women to stand in front of the mirror and feel confident about the way they look, feel and live. To stop pointing out problem areas and start celebrating the life that we all work so hard to create.   

Whole Balanced Philosophy

Whole Balanced Meals is built upon the principles of nutrition, balance, and strength. 

Whole Balanced Meals has a fundamental focus on positive nutrition. Creating a largely plant based diet with high quality and scratch made ingredients makes making eating healthy easy. Filling the body with only high grade fuel gives an over all higher grade health allowing the body to function as it was intended. We never use any artificial ingredients or sugars in our food. We also prime the palates of children by including hidden veggies in all of our kids meals and serving fruits and veggies on the side so they can gently be encouraged to favor fruit an veggies without forcing them in front of food that intimidates them. We put a healthy spin on kids favorites without them even knowing.   
Only when we achieve balance in our lives can we reach optimal health, live our fullest life and reach our highest goals. It is through a careful balance of healthy foods and environment that we are able to think clearly, be energized and care for ourselves and others. We teach our clients how to balance work and home life, have energy to do anything that they want and how to grow personally and professionally through a healthy lifestyle.  
We believe that people are so much stronger than they think. By feeding that strength and allowing it to grow we are able to do things we never thought were possible. Whole Balanced Meals delivers top notch nutrition to the cells of the body allowing it to achieve optimal performance both at work and home. When the body is strong the mind and spirt start to follow suit. When our bodies get what they need cravings cease and stress is reduced allowing for greater focus and enough patience to deal with a full blown 3 year old tantrum in the middle of Target, work deadlines and keeping up with all that life has to throw at us. 

How it Works

Our meals come already prepared and cooked. They are plated in individual portions in BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe containers so all you have to do is heat and eat. 
Ordering is easy peasy lemon squeezy
step 1. go to www.wholebalancedmeals.com to make you selections. You can choose any combination of breakfast kids, vegetarian/vegan and lunch/dinner options
When making selections from the lunch dinner tab choose one protein, carb and veggie from the drop down menu. Also included is the option to replace either your carb or protein choices for double veggies.
There are also suggested combinations at the bottom of this page for simple, point and click ordering.
step 2. when you have finished your selection click “add to cart” and continue making selections until you’re ready to checkout
step 3. when you’re ready to checkout click “checkout” here is where you will type in any coupon codes you may have. If you have a gift card you can type it in to the coupon code field.
step 4. click “proceed to checkout” and enter your information
step 5. click “proceed to pay pal” Pay pal is our secure, third party credit card processor that keeps your information safe. you do not need an account to pay. you can simply check out as a guest.  After this your meals will be delivered to either your home or one of our pick up locations (whichever you choose)
If you order            Your meals will be delivered
Monday                 Wednesday
Tuesday                 Sunday
Wednesday           Sunday
Thursday               Sunday
Friday                    Sunday
Saturday               Wednesday
Sunday                 Wednesday
Please submit your selections for delivery on Monday by midnight for Wednesday delivery and Friday by midnight for Sunday delivery
We recommend that meals containing seafood be consumed before non-seafood items to ensure optimal freshness. 


Founder and CEO

Hi! I’m Brittany Losey, founder and lead health coach here at Whole Balanced Meals. I am passionate about empowering hard working women to feel good about their bodies, have amazing energy, strong relationships and have healthy and balanced lives.

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